Bra on Display Can Ruin the Look: See Famous Mistakes

The hot days have made women abuse their low-cut, transparent, steamy clothes. With this, style and common sense do not always come to the fore, especially when the bra is on display. Even the fashion being democratic, vases on display, very contrasting colors and finding thatlingerie plays the role of top can take the whole look water down.

If you want to bet on the most steamy pieces, do not simply choose a bra, always prefer the top modeling. Not to use is also a fatal mistake, as it may seem sloppy. Fines appearing only in exceptional cases, even with great caution.

The combination of colors is another item to watch, since very contrasting or bright tones can compete with each other depending on the look. Celebrities are masters at betting on bras in sight. Many, however, err ugly. See 13 fashion slips.

It may be the greatest heat in the world, but nothing justifies wearing a salopete with the drop-down strap and lace bra show on top of the place, like what Geisy Arruda uses. To forget

Of course, it is better to wear a bra than to wear nothing under a transparent T-shirt.It was what actress Laura Neiva, but a top would have been much better, even if the handle appeared, as with the bra

The look of Maria Casadevall is no longer beautiful, with the legging, short T-shirt, blouse tied around the waist. And she still leaves the black bra strap showing up. Ugly

Alessandra Negrini exaggerated with this look, right? The tank top is worn with a bra or top of the top as well. If you are dressed for the gym, you also lack breast support for the exercises. Other than that, the plaid shirt does what in production?

Former Anamara BBB is keen to show that she is wearing a black bra underneath the t-shirt cut and tied. Let’s say that for her style is not out, but to make it obvious that she has a top, not bra, would be much better. Here at Chicrandolph you can get more different models of the underwear.

It’s not ugly Wanessa’s look, sporty, but the color of her bra could follow the tone of the clothes, like pink or white, not yellow

Anitta decided to wear the open plaid shirt with the black bra appearing. It is even discreet, but the high waist of the pants ended up leaving the look of the singer with a party style June. It would be better if the shirt was loose.

Definitely flee this look worn by Iris Stefanelli. The income so open leaves the bra very, very much, in evidence. To make matters worse, there is still the skirt with lateral and asymmetrical fold. Missed common sense

The look of Bárbara Paz is winter, but is the tip for any season: on transparent black background, wearing lingerie skin color gives this, total slobberiness. The best is brown or even black

Bianca Bin wears the bra to the show under thin fabric shirt, which makes set with shorts and blazer. The sensual touch is subtle, but it can be risky. If in doubt, better a top in place of the bra

Danielle Winits “forgot” to close a shirt button inspired by the tuxedo. It’s her style, but even if you’re dying of heat, do not copy, okay?

Laura Dern, nominated for the Oscar 2015 as a supporting actress for her role in “Livre”, was wrong to wear the blue bra under her transparent blouse. The look looks split into two. Lower, more formal. And above, too casual. If the bra were the color of the skirt until it would look better, still the ideal is to avoid

The crochet is up, but let’s just say wearing a dress like this one by Dakota Fanning in a non-event. It looks like she’s dressed to go to the beach, including hot pants and bra on the show. Out that the sandal with ankle strap cut off the silhouette