Bra Shows: Consultants Teach to Wear the Strappy Bra

theidea of ​​having to leave the bra totally hidden under the clothes is outdated. The new trend is to bet on the strappy bra, bra or top with straps that create geometric designs on the skinand should be on display. Gisele Bündchen presented the trend on the catwalk of Colcci, at the last São Paulo Fashion Week. In addition, Alice’s black model, played by Sophie Charlotte in the soap operaBabylon, came to be among TV Globo’s most requested costumes in April.


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The strappy bra confers modern, sensual air and you have to feel good about it in order to use it. “Otherwise you will feel exposed. Regardless of age, a woman needs to know how to ‘handle’ the overflowing of this sensuality, “commented image consultant Gabí F. Souzä of Boucle.

It can be all on display, like a top, or under deep cavas racing, dresses, blazers, jackets, low-cut and transparent pieces. It is worth betting on strips in evidence on both the front and the back. “For a more daring look, bet in contrast of colors with the clothes,” taught teacher Mayara Belau, from the creation nucleus of Sigbol Fashion. If you want a little more discretion, bet on close or equal tones.

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In doubt about where to display it? Let it be clear that it only combines with informal situations. “For occasions that follow the more reserved and conservative dresscode, having an underwear piece apparent may not be seen well,” commented Mayara. Therefore, by transmitting sensuality, forget it at work or formal parties.