DarlingBet on Women Bra Mastectomized

In an unprecedented example of inclusive fashion, the lingerie brand Darling has consolidated a partnership with the NGO Change.org to launch a more than special collection. This is the new line of bras for women who undergo mastectomy surgery.

Following an online petition signed by more than 13,000 people on Change’s platform, Darling embraced the cause and, on Women’s Day, promoted the launch of the project, under the specialized consultancy of Dr. Fabiana Makdissi and the support of journalist Vera Golik, creator of the project “Chest Open”. Since then, several prototypes have been made and promoted dozens of tests, until arriving at two models of functional and delicate bras, adapted to the ergonomics of mastectomized women.

The Lace model has broad modeling and lace details, fitting for traditional prostheses and can be found in three different colors. The Mastcec Botanic model is made of Modal soft touch fabric, has a customized ringless bump that highlights women’s shapes, as well as exclusive filling, with volume and weight suitable for the symmetry of the female body, in four different sizes.

In times of debate over diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry, lingerie – a piece so intimate and important for the daily lives of the absolute majority of women – could not be left out. Check out images of the two models from the Mastec collection below.