How to Wash Your Bra with Aro and Bojo

Avoid washing your bras in the shower. Hot water damages the elasticity of the fabric and can break the lace. To wash them without damaging the rim and the fabric, rub them with a soft sponge and liquid dishwashing liquid detergent or coconut soap.Hair shampoo is also recommended.

If around the hoop or armpits you have stained with sweat + deodorant or grimy, with spots of cream, sunscreen, bath oil, etc. spread a little bit of Baking Mousse Paste with a damp sponge. Ideally do this before you wet the bra. Let it act for a few minutes and rub the places with a toothbrush or nail. NEVER USE CHLORINE!

If the bra becomes yellow with time, soak it in water + soap +Whitening Powder for White and Colored Clothes that can be used to whiten lycra without risk! When leaving in the sauce, immerse the piece in the water with the bulge forming a gourd to leave nothing out.

In the absence of the Bleaching Powder use a solution of hydrogen peroxide (water + hydrogen peroxide 10 volumes (3%), in the proportion of 2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water).

Rinse well, preferably under the tap, allowing enough water to drain any product residue from the bulge foam and lycra fibers.

Do not twist, just wring excess water with a few hand squeezed. You can also use a clean, dry towel. Extend a face towel, put on the bra and fold it into a sandwich. Squeeze the towel in the bumps until it absorbs almost all the water.

Hang the bra on the clothesline, in the shade, in a ventilated place, and preferably by the two loops to dry.