Jokes to Shake Your Lingerie Tea

Shake your Lingerie Tea with engaging jokes where everyone can participate.Some pranks also serve the Tea bar and Tea making facilities.Reserve your camera and camcorder, it will be fun guaranteed.

Jokes to Shake Your Lingerie Tea

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Here are some cool ideas you can enjoy and enjoy:

I never…

A wedding ring is formed, the organizer distributes the same number of chocolate chips (confetti type) to all the guests. Beginning with the bride, one at a time, she must say something she never did in her life (I never smoked, I never stayed Drunk, I’ve never been in class, I’ve never looked at a friend’s boyfriend, I’ve never dated a much younger man, etc.).All that have already done, should eat a tablet.The joke ends until everyone has said what they never did.Those who reach the end with the highest number of inserts pay a “punishment” and those who arrive with the lowest number win a prize (stuffed animal, bonbons, cream, notepad, CD, gloss).


Give the participants paper and pencil.They write details about their personality.They fold and return the paper.The bride chooses, reads and has to guess who is the person with those characteristics.If it is correct, the guest is the one who will have to pay the punishment, if the bride misses, she who will do the task.


Take a box of paper in which other boxes of different sizes fit and with lid or tnt or fabric bags.Put something very unusual, in the last package.And go putting one inside the other.Say that the joke is to pass the box to the person on the side, as soon as possible, because whoever stays with it, will have to open it and you will find a surprise.Give a sarcastic giggle, to suggest that it may not be very good.Start passing the big box among the guests, playing a song.When the music stops, whoever is with the box opens, takes out the largest and keeps going.Nobody wants to keep the box.The last package has an object, which can be a pretty cool thing, and whoever finds it gets it.The interesting thing is everyone thinks that it is something bad or scares;And in the end it’s a good thing, that everyone would have liked to have won, like a perfume, a silk scarf, candy, etc.Use your imagination.

Sorcery against Sorcerer

Distribute the pen and paper to the guests and say that you need suggestions of punishment for the bride.Each guest writes a punishment and signs his name.All the papers will be collected and read one at a time, but the SURPRISE is that whoever pays the punishment will be the person who got the idea (who signed it)!This will only be revealed after everyone writes and signs.The game ends when all the guests fulfill their own punishments.


Some of the guests will be divided into teams of 3 people and the others, including the newlyweds, will be the jurors.Each team chooses their fiancé and the others will be the stylists who will have 4 rolls of toilet paper and 20 minutes to create a model and dress it.At the end of the time there will be a parade and after counting the points, the grooms have rewarded the winning team.

Note: if it is possible to use makeup and artificial flowers, it will be much funnier

For sale

Each guest receives a sheet of paper containing a blank space at the top followed by the sale. Ex: _______________ for sale. The organizer should ask each to fill in the space with the name of something that has leaned in the house and would like to sell: Coffee maker, used clothes, car, and so on.When choosing, the person should assemble a small advertisement describing the qualities of the product and its state of conservation.When everyone is done, ask them to form a wheel, and when reading the announcements, whenever the name of the product appears, they should replace it with the name of the groom. Prepare to make lots of laughs.