Lingerie Models to Combine with Clear Dress

A dress of course is a key player in any wardrobe. However, this type of look creates some doubts, especially when it comes to lingerie models to match. The truth is that it takes some care in time to harmonize the underwear with ivory, nude tones or pearl.

There are many myths around the subject and some of them end up resulting in a visual a bit outside of what the standards of etiquette rule. For example, did you know that clear clothes and lingerie models white don’t mix? Yes, this idea is completely opposite what seems obvious, doesn’t it? But don’t get scared thinking about the inability to wear that elegant white pants or blouse more transparent. Learn how to match lingerie with clear dress and check out our selection at

1. Lingerie Models Skin Color, Purple Or Wine

The bra and panties to skin color are the starting point for the balance with any model in a dress of course. Why this choice? It’s simple: this is the only way of their lingerie models don’t get marked in white clothes. The skin color turns out to be inserted in the nude tones, which do not have specific shades.

On the contrary, there are several alternatives that can and should be chosen according to the specificity of each person. The Caucasian woman, for example, should opt for lingerie models light beige, while the black woman should focus on shade of brown.

If you are one of those people who believes tom underwear nude a choice without grace and too classical, know that there are other proposals admissible to dress in light clothing.

Did you know, for example, the lilac is invisible through clear dresses? Yes, but it needs attention: only women of lighter skin can invest in this tonality. For the women of brunette skin there is a higher contrast and the desired effect is not achieved. In these cases, a lingerie wine can be the solution. Better yet, lingerie models wine can be used by all women: the effect is always the same and the whites will all highlight without inappropriate contrasts.

2. Seamless Panties

Experts are almost unanimous in choosing seamless panties as the ideal piece for dresses. These lingerie models prevent the sides of the hips and flanks stay marked. In fact, the seamless panties is indicated for tight clothes in General. However, the effect in a dress of course, even in those more free, may be similar, since the body is more visible. Women with faces leaner can opt also for models with adjustable side or even dental floss.

3. Bra Bold

This is a recent trend, but very interesting. If you prefer more sophisticated and daring bras, then a dress of course can represent a way to show the world your whole irreverence. It is important to note that not every bra that fits in that philosophy. It is necessary to choose a more elaborate and exquisite piece. The strappy bra is perhaps a choice without error. In this case, it is essential that your dress of course is the most basic possible for the featured piece is the bra.

Like the tips on lingerie models for use with light clothes? As you are thinking of combining with that white dress in the closet? Share with us your experience and leave us comments.