Lingerie Shower with Fabiana Cavassan

Hi, girls.
You remember our post about Lingerie shower?! Then, we give tips on how to prepare this time so much fun.

Lingerie Shower with Fabiana Cavassan

But most importantly: the lingerie?! So, I decided to make this post so that all know that we offer this service?

Maybe it matters more the bride’s (since they are the ones who prepare), but the bride can also indicate the following:

  • Exclusive package in closed sets and pieces to be presented to the bride;
  • You get in touch with us and we arranged a presentation of our parts. Choose ready-made or parts order (according to our electronic catalogue) model and color you want. In the end, we give a super discount for each buyer for this exclusivity!
  • The bride can swap parts that didn’t work normally.
  • Or, if the bride doesn’t want to make tea of lingerie, and even then, you “friends” want to give away, we can also arrange a visit, you choose the level of value, and marco with his fiancee, so I present it just the pieces with the values that you want to and say the number of set (or assorted parts) that she has the right to buy , i.e., example: If 10 friends want to give gifts to her R $12.00 the piece (to each pay this value), the time that I score and is with the bride, say she can choose 10 pieces of which are separated (the value), understand?!

Want better way to present your friend in this special time?! Or, you’re the bride, wants better promotion to your friends than this?! Women always have a lot to buy, to marry then, forget it. Earning discounts even better!!!!!!!!!!! Enter our brand, speak to our service to them.
All win! This is not promotion, is service that we offer to you clients!

Contact us and learn more! Schedule your visit!