Luxury Lingerie for H&M:Glamour and Elegance

Victoria’s Secret will present a R $8 million bra in your next show. Meet the glamour and elegance that the luxury lingerie can give you!

Luxury Lingerie for H&M Glamour and Elegance

Lily Aldridge won the media spotlight this week for having been chosen for use in the next Victoria’s Secret fashion show in New York, the Fantasy Bra, rated R $8 million. This bra has been used also for Brazil Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, besides the beautiful Candice Swanepoel, South African model.

In your Instagram Lily Aldridge demonstrated your happiness:

But what is the reason behind the pleasure that thousands of women have when using a luxury lingerie? Let’s discover the wonders of this type of parts and how glamorous and beautiful your lingerie can make you.

Luxury lingerie

When we talk about intimate fashion, it is impossible not to imagine beautiful lingeries, who value a woman’s body and let her even more beautiful. Despite this, many women face difficulties when looking for a lingerie store that meets your expectations, after all, beauty must be combined with the quality of parts.

With that in mind, the Lingerie Specialità prepared a store of intimate female fashion focused on meeting the demand for women who love to feel comfortable, beautiful and elegant, without compromising the quality of their lingerie and your uniqueness.

If you identify with this type of profile – if you’re the kind of woman in love with lingerie -we have great tips for you. Don’t bother to get the lingerie sites that do not have the most glamorous of the options market: the greatest pleasure of Specialità Lingerie is to provide beauty to your intimacy.

Belles Lingerie

The Belles is a lingerie brand very highly regarded in the market and working for years, developing the most glamorous and elegant lingerie. The new Belles Lingerie Collections:Desire, Enjoy and charm, the brand launched hand modeling concepts, fabrics and stamps which refer to femininity, sensuality and delicacy of woman and intimate feminine fashion. You can know all the options at our store, but how about taking a peek at some models?

Chelles Lingerie

Too cool fashion trends, the Chelles develops lingerie models of luxury that bring strong influences of catwalks and fashion of the Bras of cops, the famous Strappy Bra. Here at allpubliclibraries you can get more different models and styles. With imported lace and high-grade fabrics, the Chelles enchants with your irreverence and its collections full of pieces that appeal to various types of woman. You can know all the options at our store, but, as we did above, let’s take a peek at some models: