New Bra Uses Magnetic Force to Support Very Large Breasts

newfall-on bra has been called the “lingerie revolution” for women who have large breasts. With two internal bowls held by a magnetic device, Kewi Bra is expected to be released on Christmas Day and will be sold at $ 150, something around $ 350. The information is from the site of the British newspaper Daily Mail.

New Bra Uses Magnetic Force to Support Very Large Breasts

According to Muyiwa Olumide, founder of the brand, a xxl bra of this type does not necessarily bring discomfort or back pain. “The bra was developed to satisfy a real need, requested by a friend of mine. We have made a great effort to ensure that the fit and comfort were perfect, “he said. After four years of research, testing, appraisals and working with engineers and designers, the Kewi Bra prototype was created.

The piece uses magnetic force to convert the pressure that the breasts make down and a “floating support” is designed to relieve pressure on the shoulders, neck and back. “The breasts are supported by two bowls molded to the unique contours of the body,” says the brand’s website.

The magnetic process involved in the part is not electric, which means that exposure to water or any type of liquid is safe. “This device holds the inner cups, keeping the breasts slightly suspended inside the bra. The use of magnetic force also serves as an artificial buffer to hold the breasts and hide the movement, “explains the site.

The fabric used is thin, elastic and allows the skin to breathe. The inner cups are designed to “perfectly fit each breast as a sock”. The idea is to promote maximum comfort for women who have large breasts.