The 10 Best Surfing Spots in the World

Whether in summer or in any other season: surfing is a popular hobby that is practiced all over the world. Not only is this sport particularly exciting to watch for outsiders, it is also extremely difficult and trains cardio and strength.

Which are the ten most beautiful places to practice this sport, you can read in the ranking below!

Place 10 of the most beautiful places for surfing: Mentawais Islands in Indonesia

The Mentawais Islands in Indonesia are not only popular with tourists, many surfers cavort at the popular Lance’s Right stand. However, this beach is still an absolute insider tip for surf lovers. The waves here are reliable, and surfers get their money’s worth every day!

Number 9 of the most beautiful surf spots: Siargao Island in the Philippines

The Cloud Nine stand is an absolute tip for all surf lovers. However, since the waves break here on sharp reefs, this section only applies to professional athletes. The famous Siargao Cup takes place here once a year.

Number 8 of the surf tips: Puerto Escondido beach in the south of Oaxaca

Puerto Escondido beach in the south of Oaxaca in Mexico is a popular spot for surfers, especially from March to October. The waves here are very flexible, so that this place is also more suitable for advanced surfers.

Number 7 of the most popular beaches for surfing: Beach of Hossegor in France

Even France offers a great place for surf lovers. The beach of Hossegor is considered the European hotspot for surfing. Every year thousands of tourists and surfers cavort here and make do with the big and impressive waves.

Rank 6: Maverick’s Beach in California

The area of ​​the USA offers a multitude of beautiful places is well known. But surfers get their money’s worth here. Maverick’s Beach in California is the scene of incredibly high waves. These high, strong waves are not to be underestimated, and there have already been deaths on this beach. On this beach the waves get up to 25 m high!

5th place among the most beautiful surfing beaches: P-Pass beach in Pohnpei

Hardly anyone will be familiar with the area of ​​Micronesia. Micronesia is an island area in the western Pacific Ocean and its beaches are a great attraction for surfers. Both beginners and advanced learners can put their skills to the test here.

4th place of the most popular surfing beaches: Uluwatu Beach and Kuta in Bali in Indonesia

Indonesia doesn’t just offer Lance’s Right Beach to attract surfers. The beach at Uluwatu Beach and Kuta Beach also attracts surfers every year. The water is gentle and clear, no sharp corals are to be expected here, which is why the beach is also suitable for beginners.

# 3 of the best surfing spots: Teahupo´o Beach in Tahiti

Tahiti is a magical place and also offers magic to surfers while practicing the sport. Since the waves break very hard on this beach, the beach is also called the “wall of heads”.

Number 2 of the most beautiful surfing beaches: Beach of Supertubes

In South Africa, the beach of Supertubes is a real dream area for surfers. World Cups are also held here every year.

# 1 of the most beautiful places to surf: Pipeline Beach in Hawaii

Only the best surfers compete here on this beach. But spectators also watch the spectacle on this famous beach every year.

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