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Zemi Beach House Resort

Short for AV by abbreviationfinder, Anguilla’s “air” of calm is an addictive antidote to the pressures of everyday life and before you know it you will feel more relaxed than ever before. It is the overwhelming feeling of peace and of course the ultimate paradise environment that makes you come back here again and again. Anguilla is known for its spectacular and ecologically important coral reefs. This makes snorkeling and diving a favorite pastime during a stay here. A truly beautiful part of the world, on the island there are shops, gourmet restaurants and luxury accommodation ready for those looking for the perfect beach holiday. Welcome to the good life…


Shoal Bay

Here there is dazzling white sand, turquoise sea, parasol and sun loungers. Out on the reef, it is perfect to snorkel, dive or view the boat equipped with a glass bottom. Shoal Bay was once named “The World’s Best Beach”.

Amerindian Ceremonial Site

“The rays of the sun and the moon broke loose through the cave opening and the stars, the earth and the universe were created.” The Americans believed that “The Fountain” and “Big Springs” were the place of creation of the universe. Only recently have rock carvings and artifacts from this primitive age been found and preserved.

Sandy Ground

is “the capital of entertainment in Anguilla.” A sleepy village during the day but in the evening it comes to life with its imaginative beach bars, fun and relaxed restaurants with music, dance and lively conversation. Whether you come to “lime-a” (hang) or “mash some sand” (dance), this is the place to be.


According to countryaah, Anguilla is located in the northernmost part of the Leeward Islands in the eastern Caribbean.


The climate, like the rest of the Caribbean, is tropical with an even temperature (27 ° – 30 °) all year round. The island is located in a hurricane-affected area. Most rain falls between September and November, at the end of the hurricane season.


No – Swedish citizens do not need a visa, but the passport must be valid for 3 months after departure.


East Caribbean Dollar – XCD

100XCD = 326.85SEK

USD is generally accepted


The official language is English.


Mandatory – no mandatory vaccinations required for entry.

Recommended – Malaria prophylaxis, Children who have not had or previously been vaccinated against measles, mumps or rubella should be vaccinated against these diseases. Contact your vaccination center for personal needs.


Malliouhana has been considered one of the finest luxury resorts in Anguilla since it opened in 1984. With 44 rooms and suites, this boutique resort is built with sweeping views of the Caribbean archipelago and extends down to the white sandy beaches. The resort combines modern Anguilla accommodation and amenities with Caribbean warmth and hospitality. A true tropical oasis! Malliouhana is set in 25 acres of lush gardens that turn into 1.5 miles of pristine white sand beaches in Meads Bay and Turtle Cove. Discover a staff that is committed to delivering service and amenities with an unmatched passion. Malliouhana offers an incredible natural setting and is designed for guests looking for a private holiday retreat with all the comforts of home and with access to world-class food and an exceptional Spa and Fitness program.


Zemi Beach House Resort

Located on Anguilla’s tranquil Shoal Bay, Zemi Beach House Hotel & Spa combines modern luxury with experiences rooted in the rich island tradition. From refreshing Spa treatments in an old Thai house to Room Tasting of small-scale local rooms enjoyed in the elegant Rhum Room, guests get rich experiences that awaken and engage all the senses. An elegant seaside resort whose rooms and suites combine modern comforts such as Bluetooth wireless audio systems and motion-sensitive climate controls with the timeless longing for sun, sand and warm sea breezes. A culinary feast of sustainability where the cuisine offers a blend of the island’s abundance of fresh-straight-from-the-boat seafood with a variety of imported delicacies, local herbs and seasonal produce.

Zemi Beach House Resort

CuisinArt Resort

CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa is a luxury hotel and resort on the tranquil Caribbean island of Anguilla in the northernmost part of the Leeward Islands. Nestled in Rendezvous Bay, this intimate and relaxed beach resort celebrates the ultimate Caribbean getaway. With a choice of 98 luxury suites and private villas with pools, guests are attracted by a magnificent beach, delicious food at the resort’s restaurants and numerous culinary activities including cooking classes and wine tastings. Relaxation and rejuvenation abound at the award-winning Venus Spa with Aquatherapy. An exciting challenge awaits the avid golfer on the fantastic 18-hole Greg Norman Signature Design Championship Course.

CuisinArt Resort