Borneo Travel Guide

Extended round trip in Malaysia

Out in the middle of the jungle, the morning ice falls and settles like small drops on the huge, green leaves. Here it smells moist and the monkeys ‘laughter mixes with the birds’ song. You walk through the pristine rainforest and see a rare orangutan sitting and eating the day’s breakfast. Above you, the nose monkeys swing from branch to branch, and around you the colorful butterflies fly.

A tour of Borneo takes you around the world’s third largest island. 70% of the landscape is rainforest, where wildlife is abundant and tribal people have settled far away from civilization. A Borneo tour takes you through both the Malaysian and the Indian part of the island, which is culturally closely connected to this day.

Tailor your round trip to Borneo

Round trips in Borneo are among our favorites. That is why we have daily departures to the Malaysian / Indian pearl in the Celebes Sea. No matter what time of year you would like to go on a tour of Borneo, it can be done with us.

Through our many years of experience, we have tailored a number of travel programs. Every Borneo round trip offers something new and unforgettable. That is why we often adapt and update our programs. If you have specific wishes for the trip – for example more / fewer travel days or other experiences, then this can easily be done.

Experiences on Borneo round trip

Mt. Kinabalu

Although Mt. Kinabalu has evolved over 9 million years, the 4,095 meter high mountain is still considered to be young – at least with the geological glasses on. Take two days out of your round trip and get to the tops on beautiful Mt. Kinabalu. If we hit a cloudless day, we can see all the way to the Philippines.

For every step we take up the mountain, nature unfolds anew. We move through the rhododendron areas of the rainforest, pass swaying orchids and tread on the spongy forest floor. At an altitude of 900-1,800 meters, the lush nature is replaced with oak, laurel and chestnut trees. Once we reach the top, nature has completely retreated.

Extended round trip in Malaysia

Sepilok Orang-Utan Rehabilatation Center

On your Borneo round trip, run blind to avoid the amazing orangutans. The Great Orange Monkey is an endangered species found today only in Borneo and Sumatra. Therefore, the country is doing what they can to maintain the orangutan population.

Sepilok Orang-Utan Rehabilitation Center is a rehabilitation project for orphaned and abused orangutans who need to learn how to fend for themselves before being released into the wild. The place opened in 1964 and is today world famous.

City life in Kuching

According to Watchtutorials, the capital of Sarawak State is the bustling city of Kuching. The strange name which in Malay means “cat”, has a special story behind it. When the first British Raja of Sarawak asked the people what the town was called, they thought he was pointing at a cat and therefore answered “Kucing”.

Whether the strange story is true or not, the story is reflected in every small part of the city, which abounds with statues of cats. You can even visit the city’s cat museum on your tour. Kuching is also home to the Iban people, whose longhouses lie side by side with huge, elegant colonial buildings.

Turtle Island

On Turtle Island, there is one purpose; to save as many sea turtles as possible. On your Borneo round trip you will experience how animals and humans ingest the sea turtle’s eggs as a delicacy. Therefore, the sea turtle today is more endangered animal species that need help to experience.

On Turtle Island, dedicated employees work around the clock to save the sea turtle. On your visit here, you can be lucky both to see the turtles lay eggs, the eggs hatch and even help to put the chicks back in the water.

From cave to cave in Gunung

In Gunung Mulu National Park you will find one open cave after another. Although it is possible, it is not certain that you want to crawl into the caves. Hundreds of bats live here side by side. However, it is not just for the caves that Gunung Mulu National Park is worth visiting on your round trip.

In the park you will also find the very special rock carvings, Pinnacles . The razor-sharp lentil sprouts protrude directly up the jungles, like spears in a row. It is possible to climb here, but it requires a few days, a seasoned guide and a good basic form.

Combinations for your Borneo round trip

Extended round trip in Malaysia

The nature in Malaysia is what makes the country completely unique. In the lowlands, carnivorous plants and orchids grow. Lianas hang a few meters above the forest floor and the many monkeys, use them diligently to make their way through the rainforest.

Higher up in the country we find both conifers and rhododendron bushes galore. Nature has the right living conditions for many different animal species and other living organisms. Malaysia is therefore one of the places in the world where you can still snorkel among colorful corals.

If you have not had enough of street kitchens on your Borneo round trip, then you should visit the stalls in the Malaysian state, Penang. You can also go on a trek through the highlands, where tea plantations extend as far as the eye can see.

End the Borneo round trip with a beach holiday

On your round trip in Borneo the activity level will be high. There is so much to see and limited days to do it on. We cross rivers, suspension bridges, areas with rainforest and mountain trails. Maybe we’ll reach the top of Mt. Kinabalu and maybe we dive towards the sea floor outside Sabah.

It is your decision to embellish your experiences on your round trip. One of the best places on Borneo to have a beach holiday is in Kinarut.

Here you can, for example, stay in a Bungalow, which stands on stilts in the water. Here is plenty of time and tranquility to experience the beautiful surroundings while processing the many impressions from our tour of Borneo.