Countries for Backpacking Professionals

Backpacking in Egypt

Have you already been around a bit and traveling with all its challenges is child’s play for you? If you are already an experienced backpacker, here are some really cool and challenging backpacking travel destinations for the pros among you.

More and more young and older travelers are joining the trend and traveling around the world with their rucksacks – after all, that is often much less complicated than with a large suitcase. As far as the goals of backpackers are concerned, there are those in which you can get along without any problems as a “newbie” among backpackers – which you can find out in my article on backpacking for beginners – and countries that are waiting for you with greater challenges and are therefore more suitable for experienced backpackers. You can find out here which countries are ideal for the backpacking professionals among you.

What makes a professional backpacker?

First of all, the question that arises for you is when you can see yourself as a backpacking professional. Of course, it all depends on the experience you have gained on your previous trips, which survival tricks you have learned. What you might expect from a backpacking professional, for example, would be to pack a backpack without any problems , i.e. quickly and as minimally as possible – after all, you have to carry the luggage around with you on your back. Important information about visas must be readily available or quickly accessible and you should be able to use a wide variety of means of transport, such as the train, bus or Uber, without complications and also bring hygienic flexibility with you to the countries.

Be careful with complications

Communication with locals should be possible and you should also like to go out on your own, bring a great interest in the culture and the locals and be open and flexible for new contacts and alternative routes.

Prudence is essential in complicated situations

In complicated situations, prudence is the be-all and end-all. Backpacking professionals have acquired these skills over the years and over several trips. If you are also one of the experienced backpackers, the following countries should be the optimal challenge as your next travel destination.

Backpacking in Egypt

Backpacking in Egypt

According to, a vacation in Egypt is probably at the top of the list of destinations that have already been checked off for many: The first highlight in the morning is the hotel’s own pool, then you go to the all-inclusive catering and in the afternoon to the wide sandy beach. No question about it, that sounds like pure relaxation and plenty of sun is always guaranteed here. But I can only recommend everyone who travels to Egypt to think outside the box. Because Egypt has a lot more to offer than nice hotels, lots of sun and the beach. In fact, the country is a popular, secret destination among backpackers. Many travel bloggers and digital nomads also end up here.

You can travel cheaply and reliably by train.

Once across Egypt

Let’s start with transportation in Egypt . Taking a taxi is generally incredibly cheap – but often only for locals. It would be ideal if you speak enough Arabic to negotiate a price. Although it is sometimes not that uncomplicated in terms of the necessary papers, the possibility of driving through Egypt by motorcycle or car is an option that gives you freedom. But you need a thick skin and maybe a very good insurance would also be recommended if you want to get involved in the traffic of the cities. The trains, on the other hand, are a cheap and reliable alternative.

A warm people in the desert

The Egyptians are an incredibly warm and friendly people . The largest group of beliefs are the Muslims – so you should stick to the rules when it comes to your choice of clothing. As experienced backpackers, that should already be clear to you. What surprised me a little at first: In Egypt there is a really large and fun couch surfing community. Through this platform I got to know an incredible number of Egyptians, but also other backpackers on my trip and we went off together.

Important NOTE:

Before and during your trip, find out about the latest safety information and possible travel warnings for Egypt .

What there is to see and experience in Egypt, I don’t need to go into great detail, because we all know: Egypt is the country with a unique history of ancient sites , sculptures and writings. I certainly don’t have to tell you that you should take a look at the pyramids of Giza in Cairo . The valley of the kings is also an unmissable and impressive sight. Only a few years ago 50 mummies were found here – and still not all graves have been searched. Apart from the tourist highlights, I recommend a desert tour, because the endless sand landscape in the scorching heat is really pure fascination. In Dahab you have the chance to immerse yourself in the culture and get to know the warm mentality of the locals better. Stroll through the colorful markets , try delicious local food and let yourself be carried away by the passion of divers and snorkelers at the idyllic Lighthouse. This is pure Egypt!