Cultural Travel in South America

Cultural Travel in South America

According to, South America is a continent full of opportunities to have the most amazing experiences along the way. South America is packed with magnificent nature and cultural experiences and has something to offer for everyone. You will find here i.a. the world’s longest river, the Amazon River, the driest desert on earth and the world’s longest mountain range, the Andes, with towering ridges. In addition, you will find a unique wildlife and not least a unique cultural heritage. Tourist Travel’s cultural trips focus on Peru and Bolivia, which you can experience separately or which you can combine on one trip.


On a trip to Peru, you are guaranteed something for everyone, which is also the reason why the country is called the “land of contrasts”. Visit Lima, where with Tourist Travel the focus is on the old historic district. Our popular cultural trip to Peru goes through the ancient Inca capital, Cuzco, with excursions to the Inca ruins and ends with the country’s biggest tourist attraction, the forgotten Inca city, Machu Picchu. This city is full of mystery and you will be told exciting myths and legends about the Incas. You will feel the real Peru when the trip goes to Puno, where the beautiful Lake Titicaca is and where we will be staying with local Indians. From here there will also be excursions to the Uros Islands, Amantani Island and Taquile Island. In addition to distinctive culture, Peru also offers beautiful scenery. Do not deceive yourself for a walk in the Amazon rainforest,


In Bolivia you can experience exciting culture and history. Experience the country’s cozy capital, La Paz, which at 4,000 meters is the world’s highest capital. Tourist Travel takes you through small Native American villages, where you feel the true Native American atmosphere. Here we also pass Potosi, which is the world’s tallest city with its 4,090 meters altitude and is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Bolivia also offers fantastic nature, for example in Uyuni, where the world’s largest dried – up salt lake is located. Here you can see the impressive hotel, built of salt. In addition, you can experience the Siloli Desert as well as the Red Lagoon, where you can see the most beautiful sunrise and fascinating geysers.

Good forms of travel

Cultural travel gives you an eventful and exciting journey with memories for life. You get up close to the culture of the different countries and get the country’s fascinating history along the way. If you travel with Tourist Travel, you can choose to travel with a Danish tour guide or on tailor-made and individual trips, which are arranged in advance. You can choose the form of travel that suits you best. Whatever you choose, you will have an unforgettable memory. On some of our trips, however, it is only one of the forms of travel we use. See under the individual trips which forms of travel we offer.

Individual travel

On our individual travels, do not be afraid to be left to yourself. The trips are tailored to your own needs and wishes. You can therefore choose to have the entire trip arranged from home or simply arrange individual day programs in advance. Tourist Travel is with you in the planning from start to finish. Your specific travel wishes are combined with Tourist Travel’s extensive and in-depth knowledge of the destination in question that you wish to travel to. This combination creates the most optimal dream trip for you. You can therefore have your trip tailored exactly as you want it, and you do not have to take into account anyone other than yourself. This is the most flexible form of travel and at the same time the cheapest, even though it is against the common perception.

Group travel

On a group trip with Tourist Travel, you will also have an unforgettable cultural trip. Our group trips have Danish tour guides, and we travel in small groups of between 10 and 18 travelers. That is why our cultural journeys in groups still remain personal. When you travel with Tourist Travel’s tour guides, you are guaranteed a knowledgeable tour guide with competence and expertise in the culture and history of the destination in question. They show you the best places and you experience the country’s culture and history up close. Tourist Travel shows you the real thing away from mass tourism.

Cultural Travel in South America