Field Museum of Natural History, Illinois

Field Museum of Natural History, Illinois

Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago, USA) – expositions, opening hours, address, phone numbers, official website.

According to act-test-centers, the Museum Campus on the shores of Lake Michigan brings together the best museums in Chicago dedicated to the natural sciences. These include the world-famous Field Museum of Natural History, housed in a neoclassical building similar to the Shedd Aquarium.that’s next door. For the first time, the idea of ​​creating a museum dedicated to nature and natural history was voiced in 1893, but the organization process was hampered by the lack of proper funding. Fixed assets (million dollars) for the construction and purchase of exhibits were donated by the famous businessman Marshall Field, who has established himself as an innovator and philanthropist. Several other benefactors joined it, and the allocated funds allowed the museum to assemble a unique collection of about 600 exhibits. In 1894, the Museum of Natural History was named after Field, a man without whom it could not have taken place.

The museum’s collection includes almost 20 million finds and artifacts, as well as all kinds of fossils, precious stones and meteorites.

More about the exposition

The museum funds contain exhibits brought here from all over the world, including from Africa, Ancient Egypt, the Pacific Northwest and Tibet. In total, the collection includes almost 20 million finds and artifacts, as well as all kinds of fossils, precious stones and meteorites. The entire exposition is divided into several thematic collections: geological, anthropological and zoological.

In the center of the main hall of the museum there is an exhibit that attracts the attention of all visitors without exception, this is the real pride of the museum and a priceless relic. We are talking about Sue – the largest skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex that has survived to our time. Other interesting exhibits include the taxidermy collection of large stuffed animals that centuries ago were real African elephants and man-eating lions, as well as a collection of dinosaurs in the Rotating Planet room.

The exposition of the Jades Hall is dedicated to the prehistoric era, about 500 exhibits are collected here, the Ancient America pavilion highlights the life and features of the life of the indigenous inhabitants of the New World – the Indians. And in the hall dedicated to Ancient Egypt, you can see authentic mummies, tombs and admire the jewelry created by ancient Egyptian jewelers. The original format of the exhibition “Underground Journey” will make you feel not like the king of nature, but an insect that travels through underground tunnels past cyclopean insects.

In total, the museum has about 30 permanent exhibitions, and various temporary exhibitions are also organized.

By the way, the Field Museum does not have to be left after the official closing. For its visitors, there is a unique special offer – anyone can get a sleeping bag from the attendant and settle down for the night under the side of a prehistoric skeleton they like. Romance! True, it’s better to score a cozy corner in advance, because there are a lot of people who want to experience a unique adventure, free “beds” are booked several months in advance.

Children can also take part in the “museum night”, only accompanied by adults.

Useful information

Address: Chicago, Downtown, S Lake Shore Dr, 1400.

Phone: +1 (312) 922-94-10.

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 9:00 – 17:00. The museum is closed on Christmas Day.

Buy a ticket to the museum online.

Entrance: basic ticket costs 38 USD, for children: 27 USD, for students and visitors over 65: 33 USD. An All-Access Pass that includes admission to any paid exhibitions and a movie in a 3D theater costs USD 32 for adults, USD 33 for children and USD 28 for visitors over 65 years of age.

How to get there: Buses 130 and 146 depart from public routes to the Museum Campus, and the Museum Campus/11th Street stop of the Metra Rail line is also nearby.

Field Museum of Natural History, Illinois