Finland’s Travel Destinations


It is not always necessary to go on a trip to holiday destinations in distant lands – the tourism offer of homey Finland offers equally wonderful, if not better destinations at its best!

According to countryaah, Finland as a travel destination is of interest throughout the year: in summer, domestic nature and Finnish cities give tourists the best; in autumn, autumn colors color the destinations in brilliant colors; In addition to nature attractions, Finnish cities offer a wealth of international-level services to tourists in their own mother tongue.


The capital Helsinki is suitable for many tastes

Helsinki, one of Finland’s most famous travel destinations, pampers tourists in the form of good hotels, great restaurants and great cultural opportunities. The climate of a city located in southern Finland is considerably warmer than in the northern parts of Finland, which is why the summer season also starts earlier and ends later than in northern Finland short for FIN by abbreviationfinder.

Helsinki’s most famous sights are the Helsinki Cathedral in the city center, the Sibelius Monument, the Parliament House, Suomenlinna, Linnanmäki Amusement Park, the Stadium Tower and numerous museums, squares and parks. So there is plenty to see in the city all year round.

Classic Helsinki experiences include ice cream at the Market Square, a joyful summer day in Linnanmäki and, of course, a trip to Suomenlinna regardless of the season.

There is a lot to do in Helsinki, especially in summer, but the city is also a good destination in other seasons. When autumn comes, you can enjoy the autumn in Helsinki’s numerous parks, in winter the indoor locations keep visitors warm, and in spring the city begins to wake up for summer.

Historic Turku is a great summer city

Turku, the former capital of Finland, located in the province of Southwest Finland, offers tourists the atmosphere of a bilingual city, historical sites and a magnificent archipelago. The life of the city along the Aura River focuses on the riverside environment, especially in summer, but there are also good destinations elsewhere in Turku.

Turku Cathedral, Ruissalo, Turku Castle and the shores of the Aura River are the city’s most important attractions. In addition to them, the archipelago near Turku and the atmospheric small town of Naantali are also popular destinations during your Turku holiday. Naantali’s Moomin World attracts many families with children, and the Archipelago Ring Road, loved by outdoor enthusiasts, is one of the best tourist routes in Finland all year after year.

Ruissalo in Turku is an important nature destination, as in addition to the magnificent park, the area hosts the popular Ruisrock music event in summer, which is the oldest rock festival in Finland. Ruisrock’s impact on Turku’s tourism is enormous, and tourists visiting the city should consider the time of the event when planning their own trip.


Tampere offers entertainment and nature attractions

Familiar with the Särkänniemi amusement park and the delicious monks of the Pyynikki lookout tower, Tampere offers the tourist not only these iconic experiences but also much more. The city of Pirkanmaa is located on the shores of Lake Näsijärvi, which is why the city holidaymaker also has easy access to the natural landscapes offered by the surroundings of the lake.

Tampere is a popular tourist city, whose strengths are its relaxed culture, good service offering and suitable location in the center of Finland. It is easy to travel to Tampere from almost every corner of Finland. The city’s most popular attractions, Särkänniemi Amusement Park, Näsinneula Observation Tower and Pyynikki Outdoor Area, are of interest to tourists from year to year.

The city is also a good shopping destination, as Lempäälä’s Ideapark, the largest shopping center in Finland, is located near Tampere. The shopping streets of Tampere city center and the city’s shopping malls also attract shoppers to waste their travel budget all year round.

Jyväskylä, the number one city in Central Finland, is a good destination throughout the year

Jyväskylä, located on the shores of Lake Jyväsjärvi, is not only a great city destination but also a great nature destination. Known as a student city, Jyväskylä is a fast-paced city with plenty to do not only during the day but also at night. So a traveler looking for a festive atmosphere should not miss the city’s nightlife.

Kauppakatu, located in the city center, is Jyväskylä’s most important shopping and restaurant street and the heart of the city. At its core is Compass Square, a popular meeting place and event arena.

In addition to the city center, the green area Harju and Toivola’s Old Yard are the most famous sights in Jyväskylä. Green Viherlandia and the delicious shop of the Panda caramel factory are also favorite destinations for many tourists in Jyväskylä.

Oulu offers an uncomplicated atmosphere and a relaxed urban culture

Oulu, located in northern Finland, is a city with numerous islands, beautiful parks, the long sandy beach of Nallikari and a compact center that attract tourists all year round. Bright summer nights and heavy snowy frost winters guarantee exotic experiences for Finns as well, as seasonal variations are significantly visible in Oulu’s cityscape.

Oulu’s most important sights are the Rotuaari pedestrian street in the city center with its balls, the Toripolliisi statue, which monitors order in the corners of Torinranta, the lush Ainola Park near the city center and the kilometer-long Nallikari beach. The destinations are at their best in the summer, but also worth a visit in other seasons.

During your stay in Oulu, it is not worth cooling off in the city, as interesting places nearby are definitely worth including in the city visit. The island of Hailuoto, located a short distance from Oulu, is a beautiful nature destination, as are the Koiteli rapids, which are bubbling in Kiimingi north of Oulu. The wide dialect of the area and the good range of services make a holiday in Oulu a relaxed and relaxing experience.

Rovaniemi is much more than just a Christmas destination

Rovaniemi in Lapland is a particularly popular destination not only among Finns but also among international tourists, and although the winter season brings the most tourists to the city, the Lapland city also attracts in summer. Rovaniemi has the opportunity to experience what Finland’s four seasons are at their best.

Rovaniemi’s number one attractions are the Arktikum Museum and the Jätkänkynttilä Bridge. Tourists are also happy to pop in the Lordi Square in the city center, the city’s most important shopping street, Kauppakatu, and the slopes of Ounasvaara. The Arctic Circle border and Nature Attractions near Rovaniemi are also popular places to visit.

The international atmosphere of the Lapland city may come as a surprise to Finnish tourists, as the city is visited by a large number of international tourists, who travel especially in pursuit of Nordic exotics. That is why the city has a great range of services for Lapland experiences, and it is easy to combine traditional northern activities with a Rovaniemi city holiday: dog sledding safaris, reindeer rides or even admiring the northern lights.


You can admire the Finnish lake landscape in the Kuopio region, for example.


The best nature experiences in Finland

  1. Hiking in the national park
  2. Cottage visit in the middle of the forest
  3. Rowing trip in the lake

The best city destinations in Finland

  1. Helsinki
  2. Tampere
  3. Turku
  4. Jyväskylä
  5. Oulu

Traditional Finnish delicacies

  1. Salmiakki
  2. Karelian pies
  3. Reindeer shivering
  4. Rye bread
  5. Fazer’s blue chocolate

The most wonderful summer cities in Finland

  1. Porvoo
  2. Naantali
  3. Rauma

The best island destinations

  1. Åland
  2. Turku archipelago
  3. Suomenlinna
  4. Helsinki archipelago
  5. Hailuoto