Places to Visit in Borneo and in Malaysia

Gaya Island

Animals you must experience on Borneo

According to Thenailmythology, Malaysia and Borneo are particularly known for their rich fauna and flora and are among the most biologically diverse places on earth. In fact, it is estimated that 20% of the total number of animal species on the planet are found in Malaysia. It is widely distributed on the northern side of Borneo and also the peninsula that forms the mainland Malaysia.

The varied landscape of Borneo consists of rainforest, rivers, Southeast Asia’s highest mountain, open plains, mangrove forests and much more. From this comes a rich wildlife. On Malaysia’s 330,803 square kilometers area live approx. 210 mammal species, 620 bird species, 250 species of reptiles and 150 types of frogs.

With so many animals to keep track of, you get here our offer of the animals you should at least look forward to experiencing on Borneo. Below you can see a very small selection of the animals that you may come to experience in Borneo and in Malaysia. However, do not forget the nose monkey, the saltwater crocodile, the silver langur, the fish bird and many more.

You must experience this in Borneo and in Malaysia

Kinabatangan River at Sukau

In the secret depths of Bornoe’s rainforest, the Kinabatangan River rushes. Take a river cruise down a world-famous ecosystem and view the diverse wildlife that surrounds the mighty river. At the water’s edge, pygmy elephants, rhesus monkeys and not least the entertaining orangutans emerge.

Many of the animals you can experience around the Kinabatangan River are unique to the very nature of Borneo. These animals can therefore only be experienced freely on a trip to Borneo. The experience of the animals’ movements in their natural habitat is something very special.

Tourist Travel uses a local guide when we take guests to the Kinabatangan River. With a unique knowledge of the river, they can tell wild stories and spot even the smallest animals in Borneo’s densely vegetated rainforest.

Selingan Island

The turtle island Selingan Island, just off Borneo, is known as a breeding ground for the captivating sea turtles. Here you can cycle life for the maritime wildlife – on land. Watch as the sea turtles stomach up on land and dig their eggs into the sand. It is both a graceful and touching experience.

Accompanied by marine biologists, you can return to Selingan Island the same evening. Then another spectacular experience will be waiting for you. 70 to 140 eggs will hatch and tiny turtles will roll out on the beach.

Reverence will no doubt overwhelm your mind – to see so many new lives come into the world is an overwhelming sight. The birth of the little turtle cubs is a scenery without equal and no matter how animal-interested you really are, Selingan Island will be an experience of a lifetime.

Sepilok Orangutang Center

Sepilok Orangutan Center is a project to help abandoned, injured or injured orangutans who cannot fend for themselves in the Borneo rainforest. The staff at the Sepilok Orangutan Center help orangutans learn very basic things – such as climbing and finding food that they need to be able to survive in the wilds of Borneo.

As a visitor to the Sepilok Orangutan Center, you visit tame and teasing orangutans who like to move around between guests. A show is made out of the feeding of the orangutans. It is absolutely entertaining to watch when the orangutans come swinging from all sides, to get bananas and other fruits.

Fortunately, the orangutans are not forced to perform tricks to get the food. Their monkey strokes appear quite natural. At Sepilok Orangutang Center, it’s about animal welfare.

Mount Kinabalu

It’s no secret that Tourist Travel is obsessed with a crazy mountaineer, as is Borneo. We want to share every breathtaking experience with you on your journey. This is why Mount Kinabalu is on the list of attractions to visit in Borneo. The mountain is located in the eastern state of Sabah and is 4,095 meters high.

Tourist Travel invites you to a beautiful trek up the mountain. Mount Kinabalu is climbed daily by Malaysian carriers with calf muscles that will make any athlete stare. Most people can therefore easily manage a trek on their journey in this fantastic terrain.

Mount Kinabalu is surrounded by a sensational natural landscape. The mountain is located in Kinabalu National Park, which has gained UNESCO status as part of the world natural heritage. The beautiful view continues up the mountain and is eventually replaced by a beautiful view of the infinity of the rainforest.

Gaya Island

Tropical Gaya Island is an obvious destination for divers and environmental enthusiasts. The trip to the island off the northwest coast of Borneo takes place by speedboat. The boat trip takes a good 20 minutes. It is a separate experience to whiz across the water with the waves crashing beneath it.

On Gaya Island, you can stay in a cozy, small cottage on request. This type of cabin is called a “Lagoon Villa” and you will find them at Gayana Eco Resort. Relaxation and self-pampering are in focus here, but you can experience much else as well.

From the island you can go out and snorkel in the stunning surrounding coral reef. The water is so clear and filled with fish in all sorts of fabulous colors. It is as if seeing an image that has been manipulated, right up until one is reminded that it is actually reality.

Gaya Island