Sights of Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

According to BRIDGAT, the Czech capital Pragueis considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is not for nothing that it is number six on the list of most visited cities in Europe after London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Berlin. Prague is nicknamed The Golden City. The historic center of Prague has been on the Unesco World Heritage List since 1992. Anyone who wants to visit Prague will undoubtedly be charmed by this beautiful city. The various architectural styles make Prague a beautiful whole. The car-free center offers plenty of sights that you can easily fill a long weekend with. Those who want to visit Prague will have to take into account that it can be very busy, especially in late spring and early autumn.

Top 10 sights of Prague

#1. Charles Bridge / Karlův most
You can’t really ignore it when you visit Prague. The beautiful Gothic Charles Bridge has a very prominent place in this beautiful historic city. The bridge has a rich history that goes back at least 600 years. The beautiful statues of saints and religious scenes that adorn the bridge were once intended to get people back into the church. It is rumored that if you make a wish at the brass cross halfway up the bridge, it will come true! When the bridge is lit up at night5, the whole thing seems even more atmospheric.

#2. Old Town Square / Staroměstskě námĕstí
It is quite right to call this Old Town Square the center of the entire city of Prague. The square is no less than 9,000 m² in size and houses a town hall, palaces, St. Nicholas Church and many admirers. The clock tower in particular attracts a lot of attention and that is not unjustified.

#3. Prague Castle / Pražský hrad
On the hill and castle district of Hradĉany lies the largest castle area in the world. Pražský hrad Castle was built in the 9th century and with its area of ​​7.5 hectares it is the largest castle in the world. The surroundings of this castle take you back in time. There are courtyards, palaces and churches to admire. Here is also the large St. Vitus Cathedral. When the lights awaken in the evening, the whole environment has a fairytale appearance.

#4. St. Vitus Cathedral / Katedrála sv Víta
The very impressive cathedral on the Hradčany hill is a sight not to be missed. It took no less than 600 years to give this cathedral the look it has today. The highly detailed construction is an artful piece of architecture. There is a royal crypt, Wenceslas chapel, royal oratory, crown jewels and a high altar. Note especially the painted stained glass in the chapel.

#5. National Theater / Národní divadlo
In the year 1868, the most famous theater in the Czech Republic, the National Theater, was built in Prague. It was not until 1883 that the first performance was performed. This was Bedřich Smetana’s opera Libuše. You will be amazed at how beautifully the room is decorated and what a majestic appearance it has. You can find this National Theater in the “New Town”.

#6. Josefov
North of Prague’s “Old Town” is the Jewish Quarter of Josefov. For many years, the Jews of the city of Prague were centered in this part of the city. Today there are still many memories left in the form of monuments, synagogues and the Jewish cemetery. The birthplace of the famous writer Franz Kafka can be found here in the Josefov district. Also pay a visit to Pinkasova Synagoga, Starý židovský hřbitov (Old Jewish Cemetery) and Staronová Synagogue. Parts of the Josefov district were destroyed around 1900 because an idea arose to furnish the district like Paris. This initiative is clearly reflected on the “Parisian Boulevard” Pařížská třida.

#7. National Museum / Národní muzeum
On Wenceslas Square in the center of the “new” city, lies the beautiful National Museum of Prague. You will find this museum on the southeast side of this immense square. This most important museum in Prague houses a collection of no less than 14 million objects. The various departments over which these objects are divided are archaeology, veterinary medicine, prehistory, coins and theatre.

#8. The Town Hall / Obecní dům
Many people consider the Town Hall in Prague’s Staré Město (Old Town) to be the city’s most beautiful 20th century building. It is a busy building because, in addition to a town hall, it also contains a cafe, concert hall and some restaurants. The building has many art paintings inside and outside and beautiful stained glass windows.

#9. Petřin Lookout Tower
In one of the oldest districts of the city of Prague, Malá Strana, there is a small copy of the Eiffel Tower. This is the 60 meter high Petřin lookout tower. This tower on Petřin Hill used to be used as an observation tower and transmission tower. Now today it is a major tourist attraction as the most beautiful viewpoint of the city.

#10. The Dancing House / Tančicí dům
A special piece of architecture can be found in the Nové Město (New Town) of Prague. This part is not really new, but falls outside the city walls of the old (Staré Město) part. Here is the ‘Dancing House’. Actually, this building had a different name, namely Ginger and Fred, which is derived from the dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. If you look closely at the building, it also resembles a dancing couple. It is quite striking because of its appearance, but also because it is located between baroque and Art Nouveau buildings.

Prague, Czech Republic